Online Florida Driving Record FAQs

Are these official Florida driving records?

Yes, is authorized by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to be a provider of Florida driving records.

Why should I order my Florida driving record?

There are many reasons to order your driving record. If you have past violations that should have been dismissed, if you are switching car insurance companies, or if you are trying to get a job that involves driving a company vehicle, it is a good idea to look over your driving record to review it for accuracy.

What information is on a Florida driving record?

Your Florida driving record contains information such as license type, licenses surrendered from previous states, whether you have any driving restrictions (such as corrective lenses), past traffic sanctions/violations, driver school completions, driver's license issuance history, as well as your current license status.

How will I receive my driving record?

You can choose between first class US mail or email delivery. Either option provides you with a certified Florida driving record.

Is this the same as a Florida Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)?

Yes, driving records are also commonly referred to as Motor Vehicle Reports. If you are required to obtain an MVR, a record ordered from our site will meet that requirement.

I need to confirm what date I took traffic school to avoid point on my Florida license. Which Florida driving record do I need?

Only the complete Florida driving record will show infractions for which you took traffic school to dismiss. The three-year and seven-year driving records will not include these infractions or a record of when you took driving school.

I need a Florida driving record that will show infractions reported by other states. Which driving record do I need?

The complete Florida driving record shows infractions reported by other states that affects your Florida driver's license. The three-year and seven-year driving records do not.

What if I believe there is a mistake on my Florida driving record?

Corrections to your record can on be made by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. You will need to contact them directly at (850) 922-9000.