Instant Online Georgia Driving Records

As a DDS-authorized driving record vendor, we provide direct access to your driving history and can pull your record instantly! Your information is safe and seucre, and is only distributed to you via the delivery method you choose. And because it comes straight from the DDS you can be certain you are receiving accurate, up-to-date information. Your driving record may contain any or all of the following:

  • Moving violations
  • Traffic citations
  • Accidents you were involved in
  • Suspensions
  • Driving restrictions
  • Traffic school completions

Receiving Your Driving Record

When you order your Georgia driving record, you have the option of email or first class mail delivery. Both versions are an official driving history report certified by the Georgia DDS.

Why Order a Driving Record

Your driving record is more than just a list of what you've done while driving. It contains the same information used by insurance companies to determine your rates, and it's used by some employers to help determine if you'll be hired or promoted. With all of the importance given to this report, don't you want to make sure it's accurate? Errors do appear on some Georgia driving records-from violations that should have been dismissed to ones that never even occurred-and without seeing it for yourself, you'll never know. Protect yourself by ordering your driving record, without the time and hassle of going through the DDS.

Identity Theft

Most people think of credit card fraud when they think of identity theft, but driving records can be affected as well. If a criminal created a fake license using your name, it is possible he used this to get out of traffic citations as well. By periodically checking it, you can be sure that no one is tarnishing your driving record.