Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering your Georgia Driving Record

Are these official Georgia driving records?

Yes, these are the same driving records you would obtain from the Georgia Department of Driver Services. We have been approved by the Georgia DDS to supply these records.

Why should I order my Georgia driving records?

If you are looking to obtain new insurance, applying for a job that requires you to drive, or have past infractions that you got dismissed it is a good idea to order a driving record yourself to look over. There may be errors and the charges you thought were dismissed could still be there. It's best to be proactive and know what your record says, before someone else looks into it.

I have recently been a victim of identity theft, could my Georgia driving record be affected?

Yes, it is very possible that victims of identity theft have also had their driving record tarnished. If someone got a driver's license in your name, it is possible they also incurred driving infractions using this license. By ordering your record you can make sure it is clean, or that any infractions were incurred by you.

How are the driving records delivered?

You can choose between instant email or U.S. first class mail.

What is on my Georgia driving record?

Your Georgia driving record can contain information about accidents you have been in, tickets received, points on your license, traffic school completions, driving restrictions, and any license suspensions or revocations.

Is this the same as a Georgia Motor Vehicle Report?

Yes, the driving records we supply are Motor Vehicle Reports as approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

How far back does the driving record go?

You can choose between a 3-year or a 7-year driving record.

What if there is something on my Georgia driving record that I think is inaccurate?

You will need to go to your local Georgia DDS office to discuss the item on your record that you do not agree with.